Client System

Our unique Client System puts you in complete control of your HS&E inspections results and data.

  • Access at Group, Company or Site level
  • Dynamically set your own scope and date range
  • Clear presentation of results and comparison to all other results data
  • Review Site Inspection results and pick out problems at a glance

Our Client System may look very simple, and indeed it is, but underneath belies a powerful statistics engine.

Rather than be presented with tables of statistical data, you are presented with ‘top-level’ simple to understand pie-charts, colour-coded tables and bar charts.

At all levels, it is possible to identify problems at a glance by picking out colour coding, consistently applied throughout, and tracing it right down to the offending Site Inspection Report and related Action Plan.

  • View a cross summary of all Companies in your Group
  • Breakdown of all activities, such as Health & Safety Inspections
  • Drill down to an individual Company and view a cross summary of all Sites
  • Drill down to an individual Site and view a cross summary of all Inspections
  • Our simple colour-coded system allows you identify problems at a glance
  • View the actual Site Inspection Form
  • Examine and Action all action points which will again change from red to green once action-ed
  • View summary of all Action Points and link to the related Site Inspection Report

Click here to download our PDF guidance document